Enchanted Beach Wedddings, LLC services are acquired  by verbal contracts for beach wedding ceremony deposits to secure the date and time and written contracts for  beach wedding ceremony execution.

* Florida verbal contracts are recognized as law in the State of Florida. They
can be proved, for example, by the acts of the parties or by witnesses hearing
the parties so entering and lawful consideration (something of value - like
money) passing from one party to the other.

* It is mutually agreed that the following terms of agreement form an integral
part of this Enchanted Beach Weddings, LLC service contract and that no variation or
modification of this contract shall be effective unless accepted by Enchanted Beach Weddings, LLC in writing.

* Deposits
The Deposit associated with your package is to secure the date and time of your ceremony.  The Deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to postponements.
Un-signed contracts not returned to EBW does not negate the responsibility of the deposit paid and still non-refundable. 

*Bookings are made strictly on a first come first served basis. Dates will only
be reserved upon receipt of a full deposit. 

*All packages are subject to 6% FL sales tax.