What areas do you service?
We are located in North West Florida called the panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico servicing Destin, Sandestin, Crystal Beach, Miramar, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Seagrove Beach, Panama City Beach, Port St. Joe, Fort Walton BeachWalton County, Okaloosa County, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola and all points in between.  

Where is your office located and what are your working hours?
We are located in the Palmetto Plaza at 127 Harbor Blvd Suite 11A, Destin, FL.  We are in and out of the office, so call to book a time to meet. We answer the phone from 9:00am-6:00pm central time.  If you do not reach us right away, we are usually on the phone with another hopeful couple so please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.  You can also email at any time at enchantedbeachweddings@gmail.com.

What do we do first?
First, call 850-502-6838 or e-mail enchantedbeachweddings@gmail.com for your desired wedding date and time availability as soon as possible......
we will "pencil" you in for that date for 24 hours.......you do not have to wait until you have your accommodations secured because we can set the location at any time.....sometimes it will take longer for you to find where you want to stay than to book the ceremony with us

Keep in mind that Friday & Saturday sunset ceremonies are the first to be booked . 
We will be able to provide you the sunset time for the date upon your inquiry.

Once the date and time availability is confirmed -- pick the package you are interested in and pay the Deposit that is required with that package.....this will save your date and time. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your event but will apply to postponements.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Cash and Money Orders.   

After the payment is received, a contract will be sent to you via email or mail along with other information regarding the ceremony.  You will receive a ceremony format with examples of music selection, a packet of vows to choose from, marriage license information as well as directions to the courthouse and offices.

You may call or email as often as you like with your questions and concerns.

As the date approaches we will contact you about a week ahead of time to set up an appointment to meet with you the day before your ceremony for the "final consultation".  At that time you may bring your marriage license, we will go over the ceremony, review any vows that were chosen, and finalize any other details.  Feel free to bring friends and family if you want.  This is not a formal rehearsal.  You can schedule a formal rehearsal if you like for an extra fee.

Tell me about your packages and what you offer. 
Enchanted Beach Weddings is a ceremony wedding provider.  We strive to provide you with a stress free environment by handling all the aspects of your wedding ceremony on the beach.  All of our packages (excluding Enchanted Moments) provide you with our standard services such as:

*An Officiate performing our beach ceremony which includes
*Our Unity Sand Ceremony *a small table with a glass keepsake bottle and 2 vials with beach sand are provided and the bride and groom will pour 
the sand into the bottle together as verses are repeated after the officiate
*EBW will take care of returning the marriage license to the courthouse for you if necessary, the courthouse will process and mail to you
*Photography *an EBW photographer for approx 1 hour at your ceremony site to capture your ceremony from start to finish *less time is necessary for smaller wedding parties esp if it is just the couple
*A Photo CD  or zipfile w/ rights to all photos
*Unlimited phone and email Access
*Free referral access to related vendors *available on website 24/7
*Delivery, set-up, and tear-down of all equipment included in package price

Our decorations proudly are one of a kind.  Although many have tried to replicate the designs, nothing can compare to the detail and beauty of our set ups out on the beach.  Many people comment on how beautiful we compare to others that are seen on the beach.  All the flowers used on the arches are high end silk and every arch is constantly refurbished to keep a fresh clean look.  We will not fall short on the amount of flowers or ferns used to decorate with.  There are many "trade secrets" used to ensure that everything stays put even with the strongest of winds.  You will have confidence in knowing that all you have to do is arrive ready to say "I do".  

We do offer other services if you choose for us to do so.  We can provide chairs, music, bouquets, additional decorations, catering, reception decorating, ect.  Just take a look at the packages page at the ceremony enhancements to see what we offer.  

Who takes the photographs? 
Packages that provide photography is done by one of our staff photographers. All of the photos on our website and Instagram are a reflection of photos taken by our
photographers as well as edited photos that were part of their upgraded package.
Couples will receive a photo CD (photographer's choice of best images) with a photo release form and online ordering for prints and enlargements.
Photos included in our packages will contain some LIGHT editing like lightening dark shots, or taking out objects if necessary. 
The photos for the CD will be chosen by EBW. We strive to select the best photos that represent your day. All of your photos will be available on our
smugmug site where you will have access to purchase additional shots, prints, edited photos, enlargements, ect. 

*October 2012 update: EBW now allows YOU to choose your photos for your Photo CD.  Instructions will be given for you to view your photos online and select the photos you would like to have.  You also have the option of purchases a Photos CD that will contain ALL your photos taken at the ceremony.

We strive to provide our clients with quality photos... however weather conditions may affect the outcome.  If you are scheduled for a sunset wedding and arrive more than 15 minutes late we may not be able to take the amount of photos in package... there will be NO adjustment on costs. 

Do you provide reception services?
We do provide Catering services for your reception.  it includes decorating your buffet table.  It is your responsibility to find your reception venue.  We are striving to provide more information on the accommodation pages to list hotels, condos, and beach house that  have venues for receptions and allow outside catering services.  We will conduct a phone or email consultation with you to get an idea of your wants, desires and budget to plan a menu and price for you.  Take a look at some of our easy set menu packages on our Catering page

What about the location of the ceremony....do you pick the location or do we?
The location is ultimately your choice.  We first ask where your accommodations will be.  If they are on the beach side then we like to have the ceremony there.  Always ask the hotel/condo that you are staying at for permission to have a ceremony and ask if there are any FEES for the use of the beach.  The couple is responsible for any FEES that are charged.  Do not rely on the "reservation desk" to give you permission......ask for the event coordinator, catering manager, ect.  We have run into last minute "head honcho's" not aware of a ceremony going on:(  

If it is not convenient at the beach side hotel/condo OR you are not staying on the beach OR you just do not want to THEN we locate the NEAREST PUBLIC BEACH ACCESS for you to drive to.  We do not want to recommend a location and find that you are staying 30 minutes away.  Sometimes the public beach accesses are more convenient in the fact that they have more parking, pavilions in case of rain, restrooms, ect.   

Okaloosa County will require a permit for the county public beach access for weddings with over 49 people.  This fee is $250.    Walton County will require an event permit for EVERY ceremony on their beaches.  This fee is $0-$50.   

Will there be other people on the beach...do you have a private beach?
Please remember that others are here to enjoy our beautiful beaches just like you and most likely there will be people on the beach and all beaches in the State of Florida are public beaches.  We cannot “rope off” any part of the beach. There are obviously certain times of the year when the beaches have more beachgoers than others.  "Most" people are  “packing up” and leaving the beach around 4:00.  Then there are usually couples going for strolls along the beach.  Many of them “watch” from a distance.   In all of the weddings that we have done we have not had any interference with beach goers.  WE, AS A COMPANYCANNOT ASK PEOPLE TO MOVE AWAY, LEAVE, ECT.   Many hotel/condos are advertising "PRIVATE BEACH ACCESS".....this may be true in  that the "access" would be a private gate with a code to GET to the beach but by no means will you be on a PRIVATE beach with no one around.  Especially in the summer months.   Our photographers make every effort to angle the shots so that people are not in the background.  Photoshop is a wonderful thing!  We have taken out a whole beach full of people before and it looks as if you were the only two there in the middle of July!----of course this comes with your edited CD and will cost a little bit:)

Where will you set up on the beach?
The location on the beach is usually not determined until we arrive to set up.  Some locations will not allow us to begin set up until the beach chair/umbrella service has started picking up.  We will look around for the best spot at that time taking into account where the boardwalk ends, where people are still lounging, ect.  We do not want the guest or the bride to have to walk too far in the sand.  The arch or decorations with the heart shaped alter area is usually set at an angle towards the sun for best lighting for pictures.  We will always do our best to angle shots as to eliminate any people or distractions in the background.  Again, Keep in mind that photo programs like Photoshop can always take care of most unwanted things in your pictures.

What happens if it rains? 
No, we do not watch the weather channel...hahaha Seriously!  Florida weather can change very quickly.  It can rain all day, the sun come out for your ceremony, and then the bottom falls out again right after!  Our motto:  Positive Thinking with a backup plan.
It is the responsibility of the Couple to have a "back-up" location in case of inclement weather.  
This means checking with your hotel/condo/beach house if they have pavilions, rooms, ect to move the ceremony to and if it would have to be rented or booked ahead of time.  Also, keep in mind when choosing your venue like a public beach access if it has pavilions to move under.  If you are having a reception, check to see if the ceremony can be moved to that location. If we are able to, you can choose to postpone to the next day.  If you decide this early and we have not left for the ceremony then no extra charges will be accessed....but if we have already set up and then you decide to postpone, we will add an additional set up fee to cover the labor.  Usually, when it is postponed to the next day, it is for the next morning as most sunset times are already booked.  The final decision will be left up to you.  We will perform in a "light rain" and we will do our best to still take pictures.  I always say:  "I will get you married, we just might not get all the best pictures we wanted" but if we are able to, we will go back out the next day and take photos of the couple on the beach.

Where is the best place to stay....do you do cakes....where can we have a reception....what is there to do.....who can do my hair....ect?
Enchanted Beach Weddings is focused on providing you the best beach ceremony.  At this time we only provide those services listed in our packages and ceremony enhancement menu.  We do however have a page of VENDOR REFERRALS.. These are local vendors providing what they do best.  Everything is listed by category and we hope that this will help get you started in finding your accommodations, cakes, salons, restaurants, ect.  You can also visit the Okaloosa County Tourist Information Website****Enchanted Beach Weddings now offers catering  services  (for our clients only).  Please let us know if you are interested when you call or take a look at our Catering page.

Who will be at our ceremony to take care of everything?
We are a family business  and everyone participates and wears many hats.  We may be your setup crew that day or performing the ceremony or taking the pictures.  We believe we should know every aspect of the ceremony.  In the busier months we hire outside help but only people we know and trust.  Set up usually begins an hour to two hours (depending on how big) before the guest start to arrive.  We call you once everything is in place to reassure you that we are there and there are no problems.  The officiate is responsible for performing the reading of the cereomy and signing of the marriage license. The photographer is there to facilitate taking your photos and gathering family, guest, and bridal party for your photos.  If you have a bridal party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, ect) we HIGHLY suggest that you add on the services of our Wedding Ceremony Director. They are responsible for helping get all your guest to the beach, facilitate any seating arrangements, lining up your bridal party, queing them when to go especailly with music, telling the Bride when to start walking, and will help the photographer in organizing those who are included in photos. If you do not add that service to your package, we will encourage you to provide one or have a family member or friend that will help you.

Who performs the ceremony? 
We provide an Officiate with all of our packages.  They will be a Florida Notary Public and/or Ordained Minister. Most of the ceremonies are performed by the owners which are female but you may request a male officiate for an additional charge of $150.00   We are ordained with a non-denominational affiliation as to accommodate all areas of faiths. You can have your ceremony as religious, non-religious, or spiritual as you like....it is your ceremony:)  You may contact area churches if you are interested in a certain faith minister or practicing pastor/minister in a church.  We do not provide a certain religious belief minister or officate. 

Can we bring our own Officiate? 
Certainly, as long as he/she is Ordained (does not require a specific state) or a Notary for the State of FL to sign the license.
NOTE: We will not release our ceremony which includes the verses for the Unity Sand ceremony as per our agreement with our parent comapny Barefoot Weddings.. Only Officiates directly affiliated with Enchanted Beach Weddings are provided this information with whom a confidentiality agreement has been signed.
There is no discount for providing your own officiate.  We will ask you how much time is needed from your officiate to perform the ceremony as this is very important in setting the start time of the ceremony especially for sunset weddings.  Please keep your guest in mind when planning the reading of your ceremony portion. For example if you are providing seating and what time of year (think heat).  Lengthy reading is not recommended during summer months or when seating is not provided.

Can we write our own vows?  
Yes, we encourage couples to be creative.. We also send a packet of different vows/ ring vows to choose from upon receiving deposit.   Also, if you choose longer vows it is more meaningful if you read them to each other.

Do we have to do vows?
Vows are optional.  Some couples get very nervous thinking about having to speak too much or want a very short simple ceremony.  The traditional "I do's" are a part of every ceremony and the extra marriage vows do not have to be performed.

Can we add to the ceremony or take away?
Yes, many couples want a poem read, or a prayer said, or a special scripture inserted.  You can also request a more religious ceremony traditionally heard in the church.

Will we have time to take all the necessary pictures based on the time that was set for us?  We don't want all "dark" pictures.After doing hundreds of ceremonies, we have determined the appropriate time necessary needed to facilitate your ceremony and pictures.  Based on our experience, we usually set the time of the ceremony 45 minutes to an hour BEFORE the sun sets according to how many guest and bridal party you have.  Sunset is when the sun goes behind the horizon and cannot be seen.  There is approximately 10-15 minutes of "twilight" after this.  This can vary based on cloud coverage, overcast, rain, ect.  The majority of the pictures are taken while the sun is still high and bright (again clouds can change things up).  If we start too soon then we end up finishing too soon for the sunset.  If you provide your own photographer, the time we set is a suggestion only.  You may adjust your time according to your photographers needs.

What should we expect for pictures taken?
A few pictures are taken before the ceremony of the groom, groomsmen, ect and then the bride at the boardwalk with dad or bridesmaids.  Several shots are taken during the processional, all through out the ceremony (rings, sand ceremony, vows, close ups, ect)  Family shots are taken, then friends, then bridal party, the the couple.  If we see that a beautiful orange sun is going to be lost behind some clouds then we will put the family shots on hold and go ahead and get the couple first with the beautiful backdrop and go back to family and friends and bridal party after that.  We also like to get more photos of the couple than too many combinations of family members.  Large groups wanting a "single shot with the bride" will eat up a lot of the package photos.  We overshoot by almost double of what the package list.  

Please NOTE:  If you are late for your ceremony time this can gravely affect the picture quality as well as the amount of photos taken.  When it gets too dark the flash of the camera can fail, the backdrop is totally black, and the photographers are paid for their time.  

Can we provide our own photographer?
Yes- we will deduct $100.00 from the cost of the “package”..If you do hire another photographer we ask that we are informed as we will automatically discount the package and let your photographer shoot.  If we are not informed and there is another photographer then we will automatically stop taking pictures
and no discount will be given.

Please NOTE:  Some photographers/companies have policies that will not allow another photographer to shoot along side of them.  

We have found that most of the guests come with a camera/ camcorder in hand.  
*** Here's a Camcorder Tip for Friends and Family-****
Be sure to take your Camcorder equipment out of the A/C at least an hour prior to the ceremony... when you go from A/C into the heat- the dew condensation will not allow most camcorders to work.   Also, tell them not to put it on "pause".. you can always edit it...

Can we bring our own decorations for the beach? 
We do not mind if you bring your own decorations.  We do ask that you make appropriate plans for setting up your own decorations and/or items that you bring yourself (potted flowers, aisle runners, water tubs, programs, memorial items, leis, guest books, ect)  If you plan to add something of your own to our decorations we still ask that you appoint someone to set that/those items in place as to not have any confusion as to where those items were intended to be by you.  Please keep us informed of what you will bring to help us facilitate the flow of the ceremony.     ** Our insurance DOES NOT cover any decoration/ services other than our own**  

Do you provide music? 
Yes.  Music is an a la carte item- the fee is $100.00.  We choose to use an IPOD as it does not skip like some downloaded CD's.  We will play “mood music” as the guests arrive on the beach, the processional, bridal march,  and recessional, then put the mood music back on during the photos being taken.  The mood music is selection of various love songs we already have.  You do not have to create a long timed list of songs for the mood music as we have a great deal already to play.  You can select your own choice for the processional, bride, and recessional.  Just let us know what you would like and we will make sure we have it. If you want certain traditional songs, please provide exact versions as there are many versions.  We use an outdoor speaker with great levels of sound!!!  Any instrumental music to sing along with needs to be provided by you. 

Do you provide chairs? 
Yes, we do have chairs available. They are white resin padded wedding chairs. They are $10 for each chair. This includes the delivery, set up, and break down. Please keep in mind if you contract with another company to provide chairs that most of them do not provide set up and delivery is "curb" side.  You will need to facilitate your own set up plan.  We also suggest you request a recent photo of their chairs as we see many companies providing low quality yellowed chairs.

How do we obtain the Marriage license? 
Both of you must apply in person, together at the Clerk of the Court. Both of must have a State issued photo ID (Drivers license)** make sure it is not expired- if you are not a FL resident there is NO waiting period, you will receive the marriage license the same day-  Fl residents have a 3 day waiting period. The fee is $97.50 paid to the court house.  If either of you have been divorced within the past 6 months-  you must bring a copy of your divorce decree.  If it has been more than 6 months- you will be asked the County/ State and date the divorce was finalized.  Read about obtaining your license by mail .Click here to read more and get directions 

What happens to license after the ceremony?
Enchanted Beach Weddings will mail the license to the local County Clerk's office the following business day.  The clerk's  office will then mail the couple the certified copy.   We do suggest that IF you will be in town the next business day after the ceremony AND IF you need your certified copy right away that you should take the license in person back to the court house and get your certified copy immediately to take home with you.  Please check with the courthouse you obtained your license from directly if you wish to inquire the status of your certified copy being mailed.

What happens if we have to “postpone”? 
Any deposits/ payments will be applied to your new date.  Please remember to plan your new date as soon as possible so that the date and time can be reserved.  Your deposit does not guarantee your new date. ( please do not wait 9 months to book your new June date as we would most likely already be booked)

What happens if we have to cancel indefinitely? 
All deposits are non-refundable.  No refunds are given within 90 days of your wedding date.  If you are asking for a refund before 30 days before your date then a refund will be issued minus a 6% fee.  

Enchanted Beach Weddings 
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127 Harbor Blvd.
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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Book Your Destination Beach Wedding and What to Expect